Professional Chewing Gum Removal In Abingdon

Nothing ruins the atmosphere of a place quite like blobs of chewing gum. Whether it’s near a national monument or a school, it often looks like the gum is permanently stamped into the pavement. In some places, like Singapore, chewing gum is even banned to stop this growing problem. Unfortunately, they also have some rather draconian rules about chewing the stuff.

Shopping centres, retail parks, public parks, colleges- they’re all affected by this problem. This is despite the enforcement of the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act 2005.

Since chewing gum isn’t biodegradable, many people think there should be £50 fines for dropping the stuff.

Safe and Efficient Chewing Gum Removal in Abingdon.

Are you suffering from a serious chewing gum attack in Abingdon?

While many companies use harmful chemicals to remove chewing gum, Jettaclean use much more environmentally friendly method. We only use low pressure water and steam to blast away those residues.

We’ll ensure the entrance to your building, or surroundings, is chewing gum free.

Jettaclean also offer a wide range of other domestic and commercial services, including window cleaning, caravan cleaning, the installation of solar panels, driveway cleaning, commercial gutter cleaning, and much more.

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